QUILT INDIA FOUNDATION was born out of a strong passion for Quilting and a desire to revive Quilting and other textile art heritage of India.


The Foundation aims to promote Quilting related events in India. The mission includes:

  • Revival of Quilting in India

  • Promoting Quilting as an art form and a commercially viable pursuit

  • Providing a common platform for Quilters in India

  • Bringing Indian Quilting to the International Scene

  • Bringing suppliers of  Quilting and Sewing  related items closer to the buyers

Founding partners


Quilt India Foundation

Revive . Engage . Showcase



Director- Shows

Tina discovered her passion for quilting 8 years ago, she now helps others do the same .  She is the founder of Desi Quilters – an e - platform for quilters in India. She sees herself  as an Enabler and is instrumental in bringing about a revolution of sorts in the current quilting scenario in India. She opened the country’s first quilt store & studio “The Square Inch”, thereby opening up avenues for many other quilting enthusiasts by making available supplies, classes and connections.



Director- Marketing

Deepa is a Marketing and Business specialist and an NIT, IIM grad. She started her Quilting journey under Tina’s tutelage. She finds Quilting therapeutic and is greatly fascinated by the intricacies of designing a modern quilt and the play of colors. Deepa also consults for enterprises in Digital Media, Content and Monetisation.


Director- Strategic Partnerships & Alliances

With a flair for languages, abiding interest in Indian tradition and culture Varsha’s  interests range from the esoteric to the eco- friendly. When she is not quilting or translating/ editing content across languages she works with children with special needs, uses discarded fabric for artistic expression. Wearing many hats, she consults for and acts in plays, supports NGOs in advisory capacity and teaches communication skills.   Varsha’s focus is on building sustainable relationships across specialties and disciplines.  



India International Quilt Festival

The 1st edition of the India Quilt Festival was held at Chennai from 25- 27 January, 2019.

The festival consisted of Quilt show competition, Curated exhibits from across the world, Workshops and Lectures, Market, Artisan Showcase and Textile tours.

India Quilt Festival 2019 Hightlights

The second edition of India International Quilt Festival will be an

Online event


23- 25 January, 2021

Threads that Bind

QIF is organising a series of events across India celebrating Quilting. These events will showcase an exhibition of prize winning quilts from India Quilt Festival 2019.

8 Jun - 16 Jun 2019      DakshinaChitra, Muttukadu,                                                    ECR, Tamilnadu

2 Oct   -  6 Oct 2019      Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur

11 Oct  - 15 Oct 2019    AIFACS, Delhi

6 Dec - 11 Dec 2019      Kolkata Centre for Creativity,                                                  Kolkata

20 Dec - 28 Dec 2019    Collective Space, Coimbatore



India International Quilt Festival

23 - 25 January, 2021


It was a difficult decision for us to move India International Quilt Festival online and we share the frustration due to the pandemic that none of us imagined a few months back.

While the event is a great opportunity for all us artists, associations, exhibitors, collectors and fans from all over the world, as well as volunteers and staff to meet and exchange their passion and culture, we wanted to ensure the health and safety of all concerned by choosing to have this as an online event.

We would like to express our gratitude for all the support we have received till now and we look forward to visitors, exhibitors, and partners to be part of IIQF 2021 online event.


Our objective is to Promote Quilting as an art form and a commercially viable craft. We work towards promoting traditional quilting as well as bringing in contemporary knowledge, techniques and technologies to make Quilting a sustainable occupation.


We work closely with

Sponsors - who help us organize the events. We appreciate all the support and look forward to having support from organisations and brands to enable our objective of Quilting as a commercially viable and sustainable craft.

Artisans - whose works will be on display during our events. If you are an artisan or an NGO working for artisan, do write to us if you would like to be part of our directory.

Experts - whose workshops and lectures will be available for participants to learn and hone their skills in Quilting. Do reach us if you are a Quilter or Quilting instructor and would like to collaborate with us.

Do check out India Quilt Festival 2019

If you would like to be associated with us in any of our upcoming events, kindly write to contact@indiaquiltfestival.com



Quilt India Foundation

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